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The Pros and Cons of Letting Your Pets in the Swimming Pool
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May 2 2023

The Pros and Cons of Letting Your Pets in the Swimming Pool

If you are a pet owner and a pool owner, surely, you have thought about letting your furry friend swim with you. However, before you allow your pet to jump into the pool, there are some things you need to consider. While your four-legged friend may seem comfortable in the water, it is essential to ensure their safety, as well as the maintenance of the pool.

This blog post will discuss the pros and cons of letting your pets swim in the pool.




First and foremost, swimming is great exercise for your pets, and it is an excellent cardiovascular workout that can help keep them healthy and fit. By allowing your pet to swim, you are providing them with an appropriate outlet to expend their energy and thoughts. Your pet will have a good workout as well as burn off the excess energy they may have.


Moreover, swimming in the pool can help your pet cool down on a hot summer day. The intense sunlight can cause them to become dehydrated and sometimes lead to heat exhaustion. Swimming in water can remove the heat from their body and considerably reduce discomfort.



One of the greatest concerns of letting your pets swim in the pool is hygiene. Pets can have fur, feathers, or hair that can shed when they swim, leading to pool filters and pumps clogging. Additionally, pet hair on the bottom of the pool can be a breeding ground for bacteria and algae.


Dogs and cats have natural oils on their fur that can not only clog filters but also throw off the pool's chemical balance. Chemical imbalances can lead to irritation on your pet's skin, which can cause blisters or hives.


Another downside is safety. Dogs can get tangled in pool covers or jump in the pool without your supervision. Pet owners should always be aware of their pet's location and ensure they are not struggling or drowning in the pool.


Solution to minimize risks:

Without a doubt, the best way to minimize the risks is to keep your pet's hair short and to have them bathed before entering the pool. Additionally, pets should be trained to get in and out of the pool safely in case they accidentally fall in. The most important safety measure is always to supervise your pet while they swim to be sure they do not struggle or accidentally fall in.



As a pet owner, it can be tempting to let your furry friend enjoy the water as much as you do. But, before you allow them to swim in your pool, it is essential to consider the safety and health risks that your pets may face. By keeping their hair short, supervising their every swim, and ensuring they are trained to enter and exit the pool safely, you can eliminate the potential risks and enable your pets to bask safely in the joys of summertime.


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