Our Bronze package is ideal for those who want to save time and the hassle of proper water chemistry, but doesn't mind contributing some of the work themselves. This package includes:
  • weekly water sanitation to properly balance water chemistry,
  • emptying of skimmer and filter pump baskets w/ sweep bags,
  • visual inspection of proper equipment functionality,
  • schedule adjustment for runtime (upon request)  
  • on time visit logs.

$80/per month 

​​​​Our silver package is arranged for those who have less time or for those who want less self-contribution in pool maintenance. This package includes:
  • the services offered in the bronze package, plus the following: 
  • brush cleanse of steps and walls,
  • filter functionality check, filter pressure check, D.E. and sand filter backwashing, and cartridge filter cleansing  twice a year.
  • Pool-attached in-ground spas -are included In this package.

$100/per month

Our gold package is one of our top packages, which is ideal for clients who have pools that accumulate a lot of debris from trees, bushes, etc. this package includes:
  • all services offered in the silver package ​​​
  • skim of pool surface and bottom removing most debris 
  • skim of in-ground spa attached top to bottom 

$120/ per month
Our platinum is our top package that will leave your pool looking crystal clear. This premium package will ensure that your pool be free of algae, debris, and unbalanced chemicals. It includes:
  • all services provided in our gold package
  • pool vacuuming whenever is needed.

$140/per month

Clear your mind, Let us clear your pool! 
Green to Clean
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> Commercial And Residential Pool service​​
> New plaster start ups 
>Filter maintenance (includes lurication of all Orings)  
>One time clean ups 
>Pool inspecions
>Vacuum to waist 
>Spring time tune-ups 
>Winterize solar systems
>Pool Drain includes Chlorine wash and filter clean 
>And much more 

Repairs & Instalations
CSLB# 1047440

​>Energy efficient pump upgrades

>Diognostics (Trouble Shooting)​
​>Fiber optic to LED pool light conversion
​>Control system upgrades
​>Saltwater conversion

> And much more​​

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