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A view of bright green palm leaves overhanging a clear blue tiled saltwater pool on a sunny day.

Chlorine to Saltwater Pool Conversion

True Quality Pool Service. provides Saltwater Pool Conversion services to those who want to experience the benefits of saltwater swimming. Saltwater pools are known for their many benefits, including being easier on the skin and eyes and providing a more natural swimming experience. In addition, saltwater pools can also be more affordable to maintain in the long run. As a result, True Quality Pool Service is committed to helping its customers convert their pools to saltwater to enjoy all of these benefits. We use only the highest quality materials and products available, and our team of experienced professionals is always available to answer any questions you may have. Contact True Quality Pool Service today to learn more about our saltwater pool conversion services.

Thank you and great appreciation to True Quality pools, Inc. Our previous set up was a hot mess beyond true belief and simply no simple repairs would...
Thomas Woolley
I called True Quality for a quote on pool re-plaster and new pool equipment. Rene came out 3 days later and had a quote next day. He was very helpfu...
Eric Hultman
2 weeks agoNEW Without getting on a soap box, I believe America is going through a lot, which has trickled down to the lack of one's word and, more i...
Sunil Wadhwa
True Quality Pools is the best! Their staff is reliable and trustworthy. They helped with replacement of my pool pump and getting my spa in shape whe...
Liz Padilla Lively
Technician, James, arrived promptly and worked efficiently. James was very knowledgeable on the equipment and chemicals etc.. He educated me and I fel...
John Zezini
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