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Technician, James, arrived promptly and worked efficiently. James was very knowledgeable on the equipment and chemicals etc.. He educated me and I felt extremely confident about the entire process. I had multiple quotes to add additional equipment to my system. True Quality Pools was extremely competitive on price as well as providing great service.

John Zezini

Thank you and great appreciation to True Quality pools, Inc. Our previous set up was a hot mess beyond true belief and simply no simple repairs would suffice. The piping and wiring all had to be redone and adjusted. In the provided images you can see just how beautiful pool equipment can look. I didn't realize at first, however, the owner was the one to do our repairs/upgrade. We are greatly pleased and satisfied by his technique, professionalism, and as well as ensuring we got what our system needed. We will continue to utilize True Quality pools, Inc. for our pool needs.

Thomas Woolley

I called True Quality for a quote on pool re-plaster and new pool equipment. Rene came out 3 days later and had a quote next day. He was very helpful with our decision process and giving ideas. Rene brought us a lot of tile and pebble samples because we weren’t able to make it to the showroom. I had True Quality install pebble tech, tile, pump, led light, and add a heater. Construction started the morning after I signed the contract. The entire job was completed within 7 days. Rene and his team are very responsive to any questions I had along the way. I have now signed up for weekly chemical service going forward. My weekly tech is professional and helpful. I will be using True Quality for any pool upgrades going forward. I highly recommend using them if your looking for a pool remodel or pool service.

Eric Hultman

2 weeks agoNEW Without getting on a soap box, I believe America is going through a lot, which has trickled down to the lack of one's word and, more importantly, customer service. This definitely was not the case with True Quality Pool and its owner, Renee. I reached out for a quote for a complete pool equipment upgrade. I called ten companies; three never returned my call, and two wanted to book an appointment one/two months out. For three of them, I waited between three to five days to get their proposal; this was after waiting one to two weeks for them to come out to look at the job. The clincher was their prices flat out ridiculously overpriced. That left one company, True Quality Pool. Renee immediately responded to my inquiry. He came out to the house the next day. After looking at what needed to be done, he said he would send a proposal, most likely by the end of the day. Sure enough, I received his proposal the same day. What was impressive about his proposal was that it was not only reasonable but very nicely laid out with full details. The proposal had line-by-line items listed with the price, and each item had a picture of each piece and a clear description. There would be no question about what was being quoted and what would be installed. In addition, Renee is a young man with an excellent outlook. He focuses on providing his customers with the old adjudge, "under promise and overdeliver. Without question, he is a man of his word and overdelivered. I highly recommend his company and, more importantly, Renee for all your pool needs.

Sunil Wadhwa

True Quality Pools is the best! Their staff is reliable and trustworthy. They helped with replacement of my pool pump and getting my spa in shape when I initially bought my house. They provide top notch weekly service and my pool ALWAYS looks great. Rene and his team are like family. I cannot emphasize how comforting it is to not have to worry about the highlight of my home, which is the pool and spa. Thank you, True Quality Pools!

Liz Padilla Lively