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Weekly vs. Monthly Pool Maintenance from a Professional Pool Service Company
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Weekly vs. Monthly Pool Maintenance from a Professional Pool Service Company
Oct 9 2023

Weekly vs. Monthly Pool Maintenance from a Professional Pool Service Company

For residential pool owners, one of the most important decisions regarding pool care is determining the appropriate maintenance schedule. While doing all maintenance yourself can save money in the short term, hiring a professional pool service company is usually the smarter choice in the long run. Professional pool technicians have the expertise, specialized equipment, and access to commercial grade chemicals needed to keep your pool clean, clear, and safely balanced year-round. 

The two most common maintenance schedules offered by pool companies are weekly and monthly service. Each has its advantages, but one is generally better suited for most residential pool situations. Let's take a deeper look at the key differences between weekly vs monthly maintenance from the perspective of a leading pool service provider.

Weekly Maintenance 

Our technicians recommend weekly maintenance for the majority of our residential clients. With waterlogged leaves, pollen, dirt and other debris constantly accumulating in an outdoor pool, more frequent service is usually necessary to stay on top of cleaning and balancing the water chemistry. 

On a weekly schedule, our technicians will spend about 1-2 hours at the pool to vacuum, brush, skim, test and adjust all water parameters as needed. Chemicals are added to properly sanitize the water and bring specific levels like pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness into their ideal ranges. The pump, filter and other equipment are also inspected and serviced when required.

The benefits of weekly maintenance include:

- Constant water quality - By testing and adjusting water balance up to 52 times per year, the chemicals are working optimally to keep algae, bacteria and viruses controlled. This protects bather safety.

- Early issue detection - Problems like cloudy water, equipment malfunctions or chemical imbalances are caught right away before they become more serious and costly to remedy. 

- Less work for the pool owner - With our technicians maintaining water chemistry weekly, you have minimal hands-on pool care responsibilities besides just enjoying it.

- Cleaner water - The vacuuming and brushing done each week removes significantly more debris than monthly alone. Pools on a weekly schedule generally look cleaner and clearer.

- Longer equipment life - Better water quality means less stress on the filter, pump and other machinery, lengthening their lifespan before replacement is needed.

Monthly Maintenance

While less common, monthly maintenance can work for some low-usage residential pools. On this schedule, our technicians would spend 2-3 hours at the pool monthly to deep clean, test and balance the water. 

The benefits of monthly service include a lower cost compared to weekly. However, there are also some disadvantages pool owners need to be aware of:

- Potential water quality issues - Going 4 weeks between treatments means problems may arise and linger longer before correction. Algae or chemical imbalances can become harder to remedy.

- Heavier cleaning load - By the time technicians arrive each month, there will be a significant amount of dirt, leaves and debris accumulated that requires more vigorous cleaning.

- Increased owner responsibility - You need to test water regularly between visits and add small doses of chemicals as needed to try and maintain balance on your own in between monthly treatments. Missing an issue could compromise safety. 

- Equipment wears out faster - With poorer quality water more often, the strains on the filtration system lead to shorter equipment lifespans typically.

- Pool may look less clean - It's difficult for a pool to maintain pristine, glass-like clarity on just a monthly deep cleaning schedule with regular debris accumulation.

So while monthly maintenance represents a more affordable option, the potential downsides usually outweigh the minimal short-term cost savings for the convenience and long term protection of weekly service. It's simply not realistic for the average homeowner to properly monitor and maintain their residential pool chemistry with a full month between professional treatments.

The Right Schedule for Your Pool

Ultimately, the appropriate maintenance schedule comes down to factors like:

- Pool size - Larger pools require more vigorous cleaning and chemical treatments that weekly fits better. 

- Usage level - If using the pool daily during swimming season, weekly is recommended for consistent safety. Monthly may suffice for occasional weekend use pools. 

- Surrounding landscaping - Nearby trees that drop leaves or flowering plants that release pollen increase debris loads needing weekly cleaning. 

- Owner time available - Busy families appreciate knowing technicians will maintain water quality weekly with minimal DIY chores.

- Budget - While more expensive up front, weekly has long term benefits that outweigh the slight monthly cost savings. 

- Desired water quality - Monthly makes achieving crystal clear water more difficult compared to weekly deep cleanings.

For the majority of in-ground pools 15 x 30 feet and larger that see regular family use, the extra hands-on preventative maintenance of weekly service provides the best long term value protection and peace of mind. Monthly can work well for specific low-use above ground pools if the owner understands what is required between visits. But overall, weekly remains the gold standard for commercial-grade residential pool upkeep.

Let the experts handle it. Contact us today for a free online quote comparing our weekly and monthly pool maintenance packages customized for your specific situation. Our trained technicians have the experience to keep your pool safe, clean and inviting all season long on whichever schedule you select.